Instabooth Overview

phptoboothIn the recent past, photography has been a common practice among people. There is a rise of the use of smartphones and the most common activity done by the users is photography. Anytime, anywhere, people take photos and share them on the social media. What has made it even more interesting is the availability of photo editing apps, which are installed on the smartphones. In the professional photography world, the photo booths were introduced. These are small digital boxes, almost the size of a conventional photo booth, but this one has a camera that is integrated with the social media. One of the latest photo booths is the Instabooth. You can find a digital photo rental with a reliable Instabooth website. An elegant Instabooth website design will allow the users to have an easier time while working with their photos.

What is Instabooth?

Instabooth is basically a unique photo booth, which combines live interaction through Instagram and also, you can share your photos on the social media. It doesn’t need professionalism in order to work with this photo booth, however, it would be easier for those that are familiar with the social media. You will only need to have a group of people, along with a unique hashtag, since it is based on Instagram. It allows for easy and fast photo editing, while you share it on the social media.

How It Works

Before you start using any Instabooth, you will want to ensure that you have an event. There are different companies that offer the Instabooth services. Nonetheless, the mechanism is relatively the same. When you are using the Instabooth, you will create an even name, with a hashtag, then post it on Instagram. Before this, you will want to make sure that you have a crowd, or rather, followers. The crowd will participate by positing their photos on the hashtag. When the crowd tags images on the event hashtag, the photos will then be displayed in a slideshow. The photos will be posted on the event hashtag instantly.

Benefits of using Instabooth

Unlike the standard photo booth, Instabooth has a lot to offer and the users will benefit in a big way. Here is a look at some of the benefits of using Instabooth;
• It allows for on-site printing. You can print the images that have been posted on the event hashtag.
• More photo edits. You can make more customization to your photos, which makes them livelier.
• Unlimited images and prints. Your guests will be able to post as many photos as they would wish and they can also print them easily, without any restriction.
• Fast. Instabooth is quite fast to use and deliver the images on the social media.
• Bigger social media sharing scope. You can share your images on different social media platforms all at once.


Instabooth is the photo booth that will suit your event photography and you will also be able to share your images in the shortest time possible. What’s more is that you can print the images that are already uploaded on the social media. Basically, there is much to enjoy when using Instabooth.